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Welcome to Wall Street Global

We are a leading international financial services group well known for tailor-making innovative solutions to fit our clients’ needs. Our value proposition is rooted in our integrity, innovation, passion, excellence, efficiency and technology. Our core values provide a solid foundation for everything we do. Because we place great emphasis on these values, our clients, investors, business partners, counterparties and employees always know where we stand - and what we stand for. These values are the driving force behind our determination to continuously deliver excellence in service and products for our clients.

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Wall Street Global Alternatives Ltd.
(WSG Alternatives)

WSG Alternatives recognizes and embraces the enormous opportunities that are available in the promotion and distribution of alternative investments. We capitalize on our existing relationships within the global institutional sector in order to consolidate our position as a premier international distributor of niche products in this market.

We source unique single strategy and multi-strategy funds for our investment clients who are based all over the world. This sourcing of product is accomplished through our direct personal relationships with boutique funds, hedge funds, and fund of funds. The capital introductions we initiate are tailor picked to fit our client’s investment strategies. Our philosophy is to satisfy and service the strategies and requirements of our clients, who amongst others, include asset managers, pension funds, banks, insurance companies, family offices, and high net worth individuals. Our relationships with various funds we represent have been cultivated and nurtured over a long period of time. Our success is easily quantified by the continuing growth in assets under management for the funds that we have chosen to represent.

Our wide array of unique hedge funds and structured products consist of: Private Investment in Public Equity Funds (PIPE’s), Senior Life Settlement Funds, a Water Fund, Currency Funds, Property Funds, Distressed Debt Funds, Commodity Funds, Asia Specific Funds, Global Macro Funds and Funds of Funds together with a wide selection of Principal Protected and Leveraged Notes. Our advisory services include strategic counseling and development, investment targeting and market perception research which is serviced by our Hong Kong company,
Wall Street Global Asia.

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The word “Bridging” means we provide a continuous passage over the dynamic obstacles that seem inevitably present in the markets.  [More]

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